Photos Policy

Photos must be of yourself, and you must be recognizable in the photo.
Photos must not contain nudity or sexual content.
Illustrations, drawings or caricatures will not be approved.
Photos with minors will not be approved.

Good photos can really make your profile stand out, so we strongly encourage you to post a number of them. NYRichdate reserve the right to crop or reject photos as needed to keep a clean, attractive, appropriate atmosphere on the site. Once uploaded, photos can take up to 48 hours to be reviewed before they are visible on your profile. Please read our photo guidelines before uploading a photo.
Image files must be received in an approved format (jpg, jpeg, png, gif) and should be less than 15MB

Having trouble uploading a photo? Send the photo to [email protected] along with your nickname or the email you registered with, and we'll upload it to your profile.