• How can I contact the site administrator ?
    You can either go to Contact Us page and fill in your request, or send an e-mail to: [email protected]
  • Can I advertise in your site?
    Yes. For more information contact us at: [email protected]
  • Is registration to the site 100% free?
    Registration to the site is 100% free.
  • Should I be worried about scammers when using this site?
    NYRichdate uses advanced screening technology, as well as manual filtering in order to prevent scammers from entering the site. Unfortunately, unwanted visitors slip through the cracks, and here is where your good judgment comes in. Just as in real life, you must proceed with caution and good judgment when meeting new people. If anyone asks you for money, or any other suspicious requests, please notify the NYrichdate.com team immediately. Please read the safety section of the site for more detailed information on how to keep yourself safe while using this site.
  • What does 'member deleted' mean?
    The member who's message you are trying to read has been deleted from NYRichdate. This is because of a violation of the Terms and Conditions agreement, which includes solicitation, abuse and asking members for money. You will no longer be able to view correspondence with this member and their profile has been deleted.
  • How do I freeze/delete my account?
    If you would like to delete/ freeze your account at NYRichdate, you must choose to freeze your account. You can do so by going to Settings and click on Freeze (under Freeze Account). Then fill in the reason you want to freeze your account and click on the Freeze button. At this time your profile will not be available to others and you will not receive messages from members. After your account has been frozen for a period of six months, your account will be automatically deleted. If you would like to unfreeze your account, simply sign in as usual. Note: signing in will restart the six month waiting period. If you are a paid subscriber, freezing your account will NOT cancel your paid subscription.
  • Are there any risks of receiving computer viruses on NYRichdate.com?
    No. The transference of a virus from one computer to another can not occur through the use of NYRichdate.com. There is no risk whatsoever.
  • What is Report Abuse button?
    All public NYRichdate correspondence is monitored, and member profiles are scanned for fraudulent information. At the same time, it is possible for abuse to occur in personal correspondence. Therefore, we have developed an abuse report system by which we identify fraudulent profiles. A Report Abuse button is located at every profile, and we ask our members to please report any suspicious members, messages or postings to NYRichdate immediately. This will ensure your safety and the safety of other members.
  • I have received email notification that tells me that I have a new message in the site, but when I log in I found that my inbox is empty. What happened to my message?
    This might happen when you receive messages from a fraud user (scammer), that the site's admin have already deleted. When we remove someone from the site, all their messages are also deleted, that's why you no longer see that message (but you still get the mail notification).


  • How do I search for members?
    You can search for site members by using the Quick Search box, using just one (or more) of the four characteristics that appear there, or you can use the Advanced Search option, for a more accurate search. To do so, click on the Advanced Search link at the bottom of the Quick Search box. By entering this option you will have the option to search by many characteristics, such as: Age, Distance, and so on...
  • How to use the Advanced Search Function
    1. Click on the Advanced Search link that is located at the bottom of the Quick Search box. 2. Edit your saved search preferences by scrolling down and checking (or unchecking) the factors you want 3. When done, click on the Go button. You now should have completed your advanced search.

Site Subscriptions

  • What are the benefits of becoming a paid member of NYRichdate.com?
    Only on NYRichdate the ratio of surfers is 25 women for every 1 man! Only here can you find the largest number of attractive women you will not find on any other dating site. Come and meet our amazing ladies, and find your dream date today! Meet our attractive women now and feel what it is like to be a successful man surrounded by beautiful women that want to be near you. For more details go to: https://www.nyrichdate.com/sign_up/subscription
  • How much does a paid subscription cost?
    You can learn everything about a paid subscription by following this page: https://www.nyrichdate.com/sign_up/subscription
  • How to cancel a recurring subscription on PayPal?
    A: Here is how to cancel an automatic payment with a merchant: 1. Log in to your PayPal account. 2. Click the Settings icon next to "Log out." 3. Click the Payments tab, then click Manage pre-aproved payments under "Pre-approved payments." 4. Select the payment you'd like to cancel, then click Cancel. (interdate - NYRichdate) Note: There are no partial refunds provided upon cancellation.